Houston, We May Have a Problem

I took the day off to take Gigi around for diagnostic tests, after our Friday follow up with the surgeon.

Gigi is getting numbness and pain on her left leg and arm. The arm most likely is another issue in her neck, but the leg most likely is from the surgery.

If a fix is needed, it would involve another back surgery to wedge the discs apart a little more.

Today we got her nerves and muscles tested and the she had a CAT scan to check for details.


Ken said...

Yikes! Hope it turns out to be a non surgery fix. Wedging sounds like not fun!

Unknown said...

I'm going to swear on the Internets:

I hope to fucking hell it's a minor fix.

There, I did it.

Sue me, Al Gore.

terri said...

Poor Gigi. She doesn't need any more of this. I hope it's a non-surgical fix. Give her hugs for me.

Rock Chef said...

I hope that things settle down without the need for more surgery.

Poor Gigi.

Poor you too!

v28 said...

hoping for the easiest and nonsurgical fix for you Gigi.