A Year in Hot Dogs

 It was a banner harvest as you recall.
 First of the season dog and a cold beer.
 Gigi style with cheese.
 and wReggie style without said cheese.
 Spiral cut came into my life this year.
 This is a tailgate dog.
 A very rare sighting ...This is a Durhamite (someone from Durham, NC) eating a real Derm (Durham) dog in Charlotte.
 A store bought dog at Pine lake Country Club.

I hoovered up the first dog before I could pause to make this picture.

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Ken said...

Your dogs buried in stuff are overwhelming.

Rock Chef said...

Over here, people think you are being over the top if you have ketchup AND mustard!

Unknown said...

(Singing, in a nasal voice):

How many dogs
Must a man hoover down
Before they call him a man?
The answer,my friend,
Is sizzlin' on the grill,
The answer is sizzlin' on the grill.