Here's the Deal

Did you ever get something that you thought you wanted, but ended up not liking it? That has been our 5th wheel travel trailer.

In the pecking order of RVs, a 5th wheel is trumped only by a motor home. We never warmed up to it, and found it to be too big and cumbersome.

Today we downsized a bit and bought a travel trailer. Overall it is smaller and better suited for our needs.

Here is a shot of the wrap around kitchen. The refrigerator is much larger too.

This is the opposing end with sofa and TV.

Across from the sofa are two comfortable chairs and a big window.

There is a nice little dining area.

The hall leading to the bedroom.

Overall a good deal on price and a great trade in on our 2007 RV. It is much lower to the ground, which is good for old folks and old dogs.

The deal is pending the delivery of the trade in. I hope to have it next week.


Unknown said...

One could fit many a hotdog in that ice box, one could.

Ken said...

But, but, but, where is the "outside" picture of this,this, new potential Hunnicutt unit of vacation?

terri said...

Nice place! I wish you many happy camping trips in it!