An Autumn Shit Story

We had a wonderful 5 days camping down south, on Jekyll Island. Truly, we got our camping grove back.

And so, we headed home on the outskirts of Brunswick, GA to grab a McDonald’s Happy Meal before we headed home. Happy Meals are filling and low on calories compared to most fast food.  The main reason is one gets about 5 fries, 4 apple slices, and a plain small burger.

Gigi thought it was so cool that the happy meal came in a trick or treat Halloween Scooby Doo Bucket. It was a sturdy little plastic pail with Scooby Doo on the sides. Gigi likes Scooby Doo.

But, I digress……

On the entire trip, Galaxy had refused to go to the bathroom …number 2, specifically. Finally, into the middle of day three, while on a short walk, she could bear it no more, and let loose with a perfect casting of the last 18 inches of her colon.

Everyone was relieved.


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terri said...

What's not to love about Scooby Doo? I always get a laugh when I think about the fact that our parents let us watch a cartoon about a bunch of stoners chasing "ghosts."

Poor Galaxy. She doesn't like to poop away from home! She has poop shyness!

Ken said...


Unknown said...

Poop Shyness would be a good name for a band.