Duh Weekend

I spent the weekend doing leaf blowing, RV packing, and it ended in a nice dive.

For decades I have fought the yearly leaf battle understaffed and unequipped. This year I have a new backpack blower that is like a portable hurricane on a stick. I fought the battle for about two hours, and then, hired a fellow for another three hours. We won.

There will be many more battles in the coming weeks, but now I have the upper hand.

The New travel trailer has much less storage. I spent a great deal of time sorting through must haves and must go for lack of space. The George Foreman grill for two made the cut. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th outdoor chair didn’t make the cut. Why would I need more than two chairs? If you visit, bring your own chair.

The quarry was packed yesterday. I managed to buddy up with a big eastern European guy with a heavy accent. He was a good diver. The water was cold. We dove to 67 feet for 41 minutes.

It was logged dive 98. 

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Unknown said...

You could wear your dive suit and gear while blowing leaves and singing in a thick accent.....I'm just sayin'.

Ken said...

You could wear your dive suit and gear while laying face down in your creek. Log it!