Paypal Sides With the Thief

After further appeals, and more supporting documents, It turns out that Paypal is still siding with the thief, even though I have produced every document they requested.  They assured me last week that I would get a refund if I produced a USPS receipt which I did yesterday. 

This eBay transaction was clearly a scam, and the scammer has other victims that Paypal and Ebay facilitated.

I did get some satisfaction from another potential victim that sent me this note just last night:

“Thanks for posting this guys complete details in Internet...
this is the best thing to do when things like this can happen...

If I wouldn't have seen this posting; I would have shipped my iPhone to this saved me.”

You are welcome sir. I am glad I could save you $200 and misery of having a financial corporation treat you like you are the bad guy. 

This is enough evidence that I feel I could win in small claims court.'s not the principal of the thing ..its the money.

Clearly this a money laundering operation. 

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Rock Chef said...

Hm, and there was me thinking that PayPal and eBay were designed to protect people from this sort of thing!

Ken said...

You going to be on Judge Judy?!!!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

One person...too bad, but two or more... it is an operation. I am in the process of filing a Suspicious Activity Report.

Unknown said...

I could send my uncle, Vito "Blood 'n' Guts" Bondo over to pay a visit to his kneecaps,if you want I should.