I began work on a trailer that had no purpose except to get it on the road.

My annual trip to St Croix was stellar. I became a advanced nitrox diver and did two tech dives.

My thoughts turned to spring, grilling, and warmer weather.

Shot out of the saddle with a herniated disc.

Recovery was long and restrained.

Work finally continues on what I started in January.

Finally Gigi and I travel in June to Southport.

By late summer, football is approaching and this trailer is becoming a tailgate chuck wagon.

The first game and this trailer is great but needs more modifications.

Mid season and we are in full swing.

The crowning glory was Monday Night Football, bar open, TV on and a victory against New England.

Then, we lost a trooper, one of the original Tennessee girls.

In all a great year, lessons learned, 30 plus dives, great adventures, and a record year business wise even though I was in bed for 6 weeks.


Ken said...

You really did have a hell of a year, all the best for the next!

Me, I got out of Tennessee.

Unknown said...

Excellent blogging, sir.

All the best to youse two in the coming year!


The King of Bondovia & His Wife.

terri said...

I'm impressed with all that you accomplished in spite of the back injury. Happy New Year!