Back Update

I met with the surgeon this morning and we talked about the MRI. It seems that the surgery is healing as expected and the disc is looking good.

Good news that no further deterioration is occurring.

The two nerves leading out of the area are inflamed and are causing my problem. I can deal with this.

He suggested that I get injections to bathe my spinal nerves in cortisone but I declined for now. Cause I am a tough guy you know. Actually I have seen Gigi get these injections over the years and the results were not worth the side effects.

For now I am happy that nothing else is tearing and I'll take it easy as I know possible (he, he) and tough it out knowing I most likely am not causing further damage.

A good Christmas present...don't you think?


Ken said...

Yes, be nice to yourself.

Back off a bit.

Back up and relax.

Back to basic chill.

Read a book!

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Unknown said...

If you're happy then I'm happy.