So Sorry

I am glad Thanksgiving and Christmas are behind me. I didn't get the spirit until Christmas morning watching Elf. That is sad.

Soon I will enter The Dark Times, followed by The Great Void.

St Croix will begin my re-entry to spring and all things warm, bright and beautiful. It is six weeks away.

We have a new AAA baseball ball park downtown that opens in spring. That will be fun.

God I miss man boob sweat.


Unknown said...

I'm not quite sure I ever caught the spirit this year.

I can collect some of my man boob sweat and send it to you, if you would like.

PS....minor league games RULE!

terri said...

Not the best of Christmases for me this year either. And the sunshine has been too scarce already.

I'm looking forward to watching the olympics to chase away the doldrums.