Nest Learning Thermostat

Chalk one up for Kenny and his anti technology stance.

As you may recall, I bought the Nest learning thermostat generation one over a year ago because it seemed like a cool idea and I love gadgets. The guy who designed it was a former Apple designer so that alone reinforced my desire being the Apple propeller head that I am.

I plunked down the $250 and easily installed the thermostat myself. I then downloaded the app and off we went down the path of happiness.

Nest claims that the savings will recoup the cost.

Nest connects to the world through regular thermostat hard wiring and by wifi where Nests mother ship would send software updates.

Here is the problem. About two weeks ago Nest sent a faulty update that bricked my expensive thermostat.....killed it....all dead. It was 22 outside.

90 minutes later on the phone I was assured that a replacement was on the way and that perhaps I should go to Walmart and buy a cheap thermostat to hold me over.

Four days later and four cold nights later I received my replacement thermostat from Nest.

I reinstalled the new thermostat and it was dead on arrival. Another 45 minutes on the phone and the best they will do is send me someone else's problem in the form of yet another refurbished thermostat.

This is unacceptable. It is a great concept but obviously the company is way over their head and had a major software failure that broke my locality.

I bought a cheap programmable thermostat today at Lowes and I am warm. The replacement will go on craigslist as soon as it comes. I am done with nest.


Unknown said...

You don't hit a home run every time you go to bat.
- Jedediah Bondo

Ken said...

I want no credit for my stance on the over indulgence of gadgetry, my boat is full of already outdated shit and... I wish I could be as witty with one liners as Phfrankie. Stay warm and check in with Al Gore periodically on the global warming updates, it might save you the trouble of cleaning a dirty nest.