The City

I moved to Charlotte, NC in 1978. It was a town of a few hundred thousand.

Last night I ate dinner in the city at The Capital Grill. The Lakers were in town, flocks of people were filing into the game, the streets were full of folks going out for company Christmas dinners.

There was traffic, police, lights, and tons of people. Everyone was happy.

This is good, but it is not my generation. It seemed like another city, another place, I felt very out of place.

My downtown is a small piece of turf where I tailgate.

If I was twenty something I would love the night life in Charlotte.

Off to play the New York Jets at home.

My little city is all grown up.


Ken said...

35 years certainly can turn a town into a full blown city.

Besides absolutely LOVING the name of your city, one of the prettiest names I know, the skyline has certainly perked up since my first pass through that town back in the early seventies. A young man I was and I think maybe there was more "turf" in those days.