Monday was one of those really sucky days.

1. My dog died. Peacefully the front seat of my wife's car. It was sad and we had a good cry.

2. My wife's car died. Peacefully right when Cedie a pool of oil. It is fixable and should be ready by noon for a few hundred bucks.

3. My father in law got into a fist fight at the old folks home over a bowl of oatmeal. The only good news is that he prevailed.

4. I went back to the surgeon and it appears I my have won the disc lottery. In rare cases, people need two discectomies on the same disc. Mine will be confirmed with an MRI on Wednesday. I will put off additional surgery as long as possible because that sucks too.


Ken said...

That's a pretty crappy Monday for sure, but the fist fight over the oatmeal story I find gently amusing.

Tuesdays typically tend to tip the tides.

Rock Chef said...

Sorry to hear about your dog, that is always sad news.

Like Ken, I had to smile about the fist fight!