A Secret

A secret is a secret, and should never be disclosed just because of the passage of time.

I judge character on the ability to keep and respect a secret.

And now on to today...

Got my very cool wine scuba holder in from St Croix.

I was on hold way too long with my doctor.

The nearby Bojangles is rising from the ground. I hope to be there for the topping ceremony.

Carly had a big day at the vet. She may have heart disease.


Ken said...

I am a little blown away by your "wine scuba holder." It took me way to many minutes to even figure out WTF am I looking at in this picture.

So I clicked on the picture...ehhh...you already know how I feel about THAT!!!!!

So now, after a thorough study of the picture presented without clicking....wow level 4!

Take no offence, I have a simple mind.

Unknown said...

Will there be the dry ham?