Here's The Deal

I hate buying a new vehicle because it is stressful, and there are so many moving parts with professional salesmen trying to squeeze every last dime out of me.

It is a huge big ticket item that I plan for very thoughtfully and the rest of the world treats so causally. A $62,000 sticker price shakes me up.

The quest began just a day earlier by test driving an F250 loaded in Charlotte, NC. The truck drove like a fine luxury car, yet had all the power and pull I needed for pulling a heavy camper. It was perfect for the long trip we plan in May to Key West. Our backs could no longer take the long road trip in the old red truck.

The deal was shitty that he offered. I knew from doing research that 10 to 12 percent off sticker was a good deal on these trucks. A this guy volleys a mere 4 percent and trash my truck because he thought it was a trade.

The following day I headed to the South Carolina coast to visit my sister and her husband on business. Gigi decided to go too.

While passing through Conway, SC we saw a small but well stocked Ford dealership and agreed we would stop on our way back to see what they had.

I told my brother in law my plans and he told me he knows a guy very well that works there. He made a call and found out he was one of the owners. Name dropping was in order.

Gigi test drove a car and it was love at first sight.

I told them right up front that Sam had sent me (the owner) and the salesman told the manager that I was a friend of the owner.

The first offer was 13% off sticker. I couldn't refuse. We did the deal but by now it was late, the animals need to be fed, and I was three hours from home.

We saw the finance man and I was less than happy on all the up selling and vagueness of the interest rates. I found a number I could live with and told them I would be back at noon tomorrow to pick up the truck.

That night, when I got home I posted a picture of the new truck on Facebook. A friend of mine in St. Thomas who works at the Ford dealership on the island saw the Conway tag on my car and said the same owner owns the dealership on St Thomas and St croix. His name was TJ whick was different than Sam.

The next morning I drove to Conway with my Jeep to to get the new truck, but first asked the manager if TJ, the guy on St Thomas and St Croix owns this dealership too. The manager looked shaken a bit. "Why yes he does". Then he told me the finance man needed to see me one more time before I took the car.

Know that I knew TJ, but I really didn't changed everything. He said knowing Sam is one thing but knowing TJ is quite another. He cut my rate a half percent to well below 4%.

So not really knowing anyone, but dropping a few names like I did, gave me one hell of a deal. I don't think they really knew what I said but they focused on the names. Oh well.


Ken said...

Awesome...but why oh why didn't you just pay cash?

Unknown said...

I will use a name in any circumstance for any reason as often as I can.

At the wine store I tell them I know wReggie.

Of the North Carolina wReggies.

Works every time.