Man of Sorrows

Oh Deaths Sweet Release

About 8 PM last night I got that unmistakable feeling that I got food poisoning.

Now I have had food poisoning as an adult now three times. The last two times were 35 and 20 years ago so I knew I had hitched a train that I was going to have to ride out.

It built, slowly over the night...the chills, the nausea, the sweats. Finally in its own good time like Mt. Vesuvius, I found myself compromised on all fours praying to Jesus to heal me or kill me cause I couldn't stand this much more.

Then on cue, the artillery kicked in from the rear.

After a while the very slow process of release, as the demon began to leave weakened my body. It is close to noon and I'm still in bed sipping water....but I can see light.

Now as a side note, I have not vomited full force in about 20 years and I was shocked to discover I do it completely different now. I make a lot more noise now.


Rock Chef said...

I had something similar at the weekend - I described the "artillery" as "changing ends at half time".

Unknown said...

I am President of the Anti-Vomiting League..but I can't seem to join the Anti-Explosive Diarrhea Union, no matter how hard I try.