Dive 134

Yesterday was dive 134 in 46 degree water.

The problem I had was the dry suit is off the shelf with some slack in the legs since I am vertically challenged. My left boot came off with my fin securely attached, thus disabling the left fin. Repeated attempts to correct the problem caused me to experience severe back spasms in the 47 degree water. I called the dive after 22 minutes....it wasn't going to get better. We had a nice vigorous surface swim with one fin back across the quarry.

In the morning Bates and I returned to the storage shed to stow away the gear.

Diving....always good times.


Unknown said...

I hope you didn't put too much strain on your one flipper.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

You just had to say it didn't you? No, there was no chips and dip either.

Unknown said...

I would never take chips and dip diving.

Ken said...

A disabling fin/flipper attached to a boot while being vertically challenged in frigid water does sound scary. I'd think the numbers 46/47 and 134 backed up by the 22 balances it all out so I expect you to be perfectly fine after a couch cuddle with Bates and a nice glass of wine.