Research and Developement

It is now common knowledge and scientific fact that pickled eggs help the Carolina Panthers win and make the playoffs. It is also fact that both seasons the eggs were used we were 12-4, got the bye, and then lost. So the recipe obviously needs to be tweaked. We must push further in the playoffs.

These things can only be handed off to folks that deal in dark things, concoctions, voodoo, and such. I handed off this project to a Rastaman living on the coast of NC who has knowledge of such things.

You can see, this is way over my head. Gods speed Rasta Claws.


Ken said...

Who knows, a little pinch of sweet peat moss might prove to be a ground breaking development. Didn't all teams actually play 'on' the earth in the beginning?

Unknown said...

I would start having more chips and dip.

GOOD chips and dip.

Unknown said...

he needs to wear one around his neck for the tailgate