The Season

And I mean NFL.

Planning ahead, we are a shoe in for jambalaya for visiting New Orleans. Chicken for Atlanta, and undecided for Tampa.

Always in the mix are several flank steak weeks and this year I'm adding caramelized onions as a side for the flank along with cheese for a Philly steak option.

Then we always have a chili Sunday usually on the first cold weekend.

Preseason is all the way hot dogs.

The past two years we have had BBQ on opening weekend and I would like to continue that as long as it is not a division team. Then it will be worked in the rotation.

Always there are smoked dry rubbed wings and abundant sides. Gigi started making her chez mix mid season and that was a hit with the TV crowd during the game.

This year, early on, I plan to try steamed mussels in butter and garlic sauce, steamed in white wine. It is fast, easy and so good.

Also, I think I have cracked the rib barrier whereby I can precook ribs, then toss them on the grill with BBQ sauce and finish them to perfection in a very short rime.

Both the ribs and mussels will make good finger food wary on until the main course is ready.


Unknown said...

I will surprise you by Not Saying It.

Don't forget the big handful of fresh chopped parsley and the lemon wedges for the mussel dish. Chardonnay works quite well. A sprinkling of chili flakes mixed in lends a piquant touch, yet no actual heat. Also color and texture. Will they be the big green mussels or the small blue grey ones?

I frickin' love a mussel.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Thank you for the tips. Blue gray. $11 for like a gallon at Costco.

Unknown said...