Change in the Air

Today I play golf. It has been a long time. Yes, 70 degrees, guys, beer, banging a ball around, laughs, outdoors. I can't wait.

Yesterday at lunch was one of those rare days when the weather was perfect.

I was reminded how a real lunch view looks from a friend in St Croix. This is one of my favorite beach bars. Good food, world class view, world class beach, world class shore diving, and a dive shop attached to the bar. A Five Star wReggie wRating.

Got a quote on this grill and it looks like I might own one. This monster can grill, smoke, use charcoal or/and hardwood, and tops out the Weber line as it is a commercial grill. I'm still trying to contact a fellow in Lexington, NC that has a well used one for sale on Craig's List.

In town is the Wells Fargo golf tournament. That will fill in nice on Sunday after some yard work. The course looks as good as it ever has.

First, on Saturday is the Kentucky Derby. This is a rite of passage.

Spring is in full swing.


Unknown said...

Will you be muddling the mint for your julep?