I went to the allergist doctor lady today and they began to run tests on what I'm allergic to. I could have told them, but it was confirmed, dogs, cats, grass, and mold.

This from a guy who loves summer, dogs, horses with moldy hay. I have two cats by the way. I guess I'll give up cats one day.

We can't do the venom tests yet because enough time has past since my sting. So I'll be back in June.

Rest assured I ain't getting rid of any of my animals, as she told me what I knew. Love is thicker than mucus. They are all safe with me.

I got two state of the art epipens that actually speak instructions when I use it.

Later, I met with the board of directors of Extreme Tailgate Society to discuss capital improvements for the upcoming season. We are really taking the game to a new level.

Late in the day I off loaded GrillZilla and let the grill become acquainted with the tailgate bar/wagon. That went well.

I'm going to touch up a few blemishes on the grill with high temperature paint and continue installation of led lights on the trailer along with other essential improvements.


Unknown said...

Your skin is bigger than Grillzilla.