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Conestoga wagons still fresh on their minds, just 100 years after the war of northern aggression.


Rock Chef said...

The War of Northern Aggression? Haven't heard it called that before, but I like it.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Common among life long southerners and accurate too. As soon as SC pulled out they (the union) came in a sovereign nations harbor with war ships.

Rock Chef said...

Like a lot of Brits, I tend to have a lot of sympathy for the South in this war. This is how I see things:

The Union was formed by states voluntarily joining, undestanding that they could leave at any time.

Laws being made for the benefit of the industrial North threatened life in the South, so states started to pull out, as they were allowed to do.

The North, knowing that the breakup of the Union would lose them the Gold and stuff in some of the newer states, had to keep things together, starting the war.

Slavery was very much a side issue, only really becoming main stream when it became clear that the north needed to use black soldiers to keep the war going.

The North were repeatedly unable to defeat smaller southern armies in the field (even Gettysburg was only a Northern victory by default, ie Lee had failed to win), resorting to some strategies which would be condemed today - typified by the Ride to the Sea, resulting in massive destruction and loss of civilian life. No wonder the southern flag is still seen so much!

End of RC's history of the ACW.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...


Rock Chef said...

Thank you!