Unintended Consquences

Smoking had its place in society.

Smoking kept ones weight down, now everyone is fat.

Smoking was a great source of tax revenue.

Smoking gave one a predictable death, now nursing homes are overcrowded and government struggles with healthcare. It was rare to see a smoker alive past 70 and that turns out to be tidy for society.

Not to mention the pure pleasures of smoking, the after dinner/sex, whatever cigarette was a real and constant companion.

A cross country drive? A pack of cigarettes made it easy.

Now we are fat, bored, saving money to live into our 90s so that our wits slowly leave before our body leaves.

Could it all have been a great mistake?


Ken said...

Our great leaders at one time believed the tobacco growers right for fortunes by profit was detrimental to the greatness of our country so they sent all our WWII soldiers cigarettes free of charge with their c-rations for their mental well being at war. Lucky Strike!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

What year was your lobotomy?

terri said...

Smoking was once recommended for pregnant women to prevent them from gaining too much weight!

Ken said...

Excuse me....I guess I got the WW wrong...


Reading has quite a few advantages.

Ken said...

"through the distribution of cigarettes to servicemen and the eventual inclusion of cigarettes into rations."

Ken said...

"...in 1975, the United States Department of Defense discontinued the inclusion of cigarettes in K-rations and C-rations."