The Grill

The last few years I have hit a wall in grilling capacity, especially at large tailgate events. What I did to compensate is buy and bring more grills and modify said grills with extra racks to meet demand. It worked but it was messy in cleanup, and took a lot of logistics loading and unloading various grills and parts.

At the end of the season my plan was to weld two grills together as one and continue with the modifications. I reasoned that loading and off loading would be easier.

What developed was an entirely different thing. Meet the Weber Ranch Kettle. I call her GrillZilla.

It is Webers version of a commercial grill made for large events, and restaurants. The reason I didn't own one is they retail for $1300. I got this used on Craigs List for $400.

The capacity get me where I need, it has the cooking surface of three grills. It is in very good condition. It is amazingly portable with four wheels.

I am in love.


Unknown said...

🎼. I found love on a two-way street

And lost it on a lonely highway...🎵