Where Is My Flying Car?

A new decade...2010. Damn.

I knew a man well that was born in 1898. My grandfather.

My mother knew a man well born in the 1840's. Her grandfather. My mother is alive and well.

This is a stretch, but our memories and first hand recollections of people we knew span over 160 tears.

I cherish the stories she told me about her Grandpa. He fought in the Civil War. I have a picture of him and his wife and I have his Gettysburg 50th anniversary pin.


Ken said...

That's a lot of New Years Past.

Aion said...

I was just talking about that same subject with my daughter... I knew my Great Grandfather up until I was 9 (he was born in 1889) and my Grandfather very well and he was born in 1906... pretty crazy.. my mom remembers people born earlier in the 1800's... A LOT of history! It's AMAZING what they REMEMBER too.. such details!

Happy New Year Wreggie to you and your family and may 2010 bring you the best of 09 and leave the worst behind :)

Anonymous said...

I said the same thing to myself this morning.

TEN years.

It has been a blur-- child rearing mostly. I expect that is why it's a blur, eh.

Coffeypot said...

Having the pin and pictures are awesome.

As a child I knew a lady who was a child in Atlanta during the illegal trespassing of the Northern Aggressors. Her family moved to Birmingham, AL, when the boys of the Glorious South moved out and the interlopers were about to enter the city. By the time they got to AL, they got a telegram that their home was saved, so they came back. To her dying day she hated Yankees. Now they are all around us - and drinking Pepsi.