Cheap Heat is the New AC

The southern United States didn’t start to prosper until the 1950’s and the advent of plentiful air conditioning. Laugh if you want but it is a fact.

According to the Wall Street Journal futurists are betting that plentiful and cheap natural gas will make Arctic cities the next boom area. They are talking about way up there too far beyond what we consider north.

The article cited Las Vegas as an example of a city built in an undesirable location and thrives because of AC and piped in water. Throw in an airport, a slot machine and Wayne Newton and you have the makings of a city.

I wouldn’t expect to see me living up there. I love the outdoors too much. And I watch Survivor Man and he nearly dies every time they toss him in the Arctic. He thrives in the tropics eating coconuts and fish.


Ken said...

The Wall Street boys are fooling you Reggie, it has nothing to do with cheap gas, it's the opening of The Northwest Passage that will move humanity north.