Stoned Again

Last night brought torrents of much that the outdoor portion of the chicken coop collapsed under the water weight acuminated on the tarp.

All the chickens were okay and I moved them from ankle deep mud to their indoor quarters for a while until the outside is repaired.

Last night also brought kidney stone pain abruptly at 3 AM.

Today I have been hanging at home just in case I needed to go to the ER and drinking quarts of cranberry juice.

A friend suggested a home remedy that is a can of asparagus ground to a mush followed by a two liter coke chaser. I tried it. Three hours later rather uneventfully the pain has subsided.

I decide to wonder from my sofa to check on the chickens and they seem to be having the time of their life in their winter coop. Before this incident they only went in the coop to lay eggs.

The rebuild of the chicken coop will be a roof capable of bearing a load.

And finally…why does one have to force down two liters of coke when two liters of beer would flow easily?


Ken said...

I've never been stoned like that.

But I have had plastic fill with rain and ruin my evening.

Rock Chef said...

My wife is talking about building a proper roof for the rabbit run...

Hope the stones stay away! Do they disolve in the Coke?