Last Dives

Yesterday the remains of Gaston came chugging through St Croix in the form of rain and rough surf.

Being the adventurous fellow that I am I decided I would do two boat dives on this last day before I had to pack it in.

The seas were rough but the ride was short. The dive was nice. I saw the biggest lobster ever, a nurse shark and explored a wreck.

On exit the weather had turned for the worse. I banged and bruised my shins and knees climbing the ladder.

Before the second dive we got briefed on what to do if the boat broke loose of the moor. We were told how to signal the boat and briefed on rescue. The captain was trying to talk us out of going.

None of us gave in and I staggered to the back of the boat and jumped in. We had a nice dive. Things are much better down under during bad weather.

After 45 minutes we surfaced to a calm sea. Whatever was left of Gaston had passed.

Tonight I will be home.


Rock Chef said...

Shame you couldn't wrestle the lobster to the surface and have it for dinner!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I must get a lobster snare.