The Weather Changeith

On the agenda this week my lovely assistant of 4 years will return in a part time role. She has been away on maternity leave for 2 months and she has been missed.

I have a dive scheduled Thursday afternoon at the quarry to try and explore the bottom with my dive buddy Bruce. We figure it is as warm as its ever going to be so we might as well give it a try.

I can’t hang with temperatures below 50 degrees very long even with a 5MM wet suit. Hopefully it will be in the balmy 50’s for a look around.

Haley continues to heal and improve although her good leg smells like the skin may not be healing as we had feared. Gigi will take her to the doctor today for a follow up.

The Jeep is out baby! This summer was too damn hot and wet to use it. Saturday I washed and de-molded the interior with some bleach. I’m driving it to work today.

Just a few minutes ago I ordered some insulated Dickies coveralls. I figured it you can’t beat winter then join it. I hope this will make my twice daily visit to the barn more tolerable in the winter. They’ll also be a good layer during cold football games.


Ken said...

Insulated Dickies Rock!

terri said...

I'm glad to hear Haley's doing okay and hope the vet can do something for the leg that's not healing so well.

Around here, insulated Dickies don't do it. My boys have Carhartts for their ice fishing trips.