Disaster Strikes

Let me first warn you that if chicken disasters make you queasy then maybe you should just pass over this post.

Three nights ago we were hit by the edges of a tropical storm which dumped about 4 inches of rain on the wReggie compound.

I went out in the morning to see my exterior chicken coop crushed under the weight of a tarp loaded with water. The tubular bars on the chain link collapsed like match sticks and the whole coop pulled away from the newly expanded Duke Hunnicutt Poultry Institute. The whole thing reminded me of when the Dallas Cowboys practice field went down in a storm last year.

Fortunately all chickens were accounted for and Gigi and I loaded them in their winter indoor coop until repairs are made.

I then tried to contact Federal, State, and local authorities and apply for aid.

Seeing that no aid was coming we commissioned our original designer and builder and he went into action.

First the coop fencing was braced back up, and then the exterior was wall was completed with shakes and the two were joined once again.

Now the new exterior roof is being constructed.

Today for the first time we used out state of the art turd management system and if worked rather effectively. The trays were removed and hosed out to reveal a clean floor.

Thankfully order is returning to the chicken coop and egg production was never an issue.


terri said...

Good to see that the chickens have been restored to a safer, more comfortable environment.

Phfrankie Bondo said...

...FYI, chickens don't have turds. They have poop....just sayin'...

Ken said...

That's bullshit...if you had called the White House direct, maybe Obama would have had the time while campaigning to stop in, help out and add a few shakes to the coop. Some things, you'll never know if you don't ask.

Rock Chef said...

I think you should get a slice of the next stimulus package...

Glad things are looking better now!