My World

Yesterday Haley came home from the vet one day after her amputation. I swear this dog has not complained once.

The doctor that did it is new to us. We took her to the closest vet about a mile away ending a 20 year feud. We never could stand the old lady that runs the place and apparently she isn’t about to die and she treats nice now. So we may have a new vet close by that does horses and dogs.

This is a country vet for sure. Big fat cats decorate the place, horses graze in the front and one of the doctors always has a big chaw in the jaw. Our doctor told me Haley was buzzing big time then took an old illustrated medical book from the shelf and showed me how he removed the “ham”.

In the middle of the emergency on Thursday Gigi and I were in the lobby of this place when the doctor came to us from the emergency area and asked her name. We told him Haley and he asked how it was spelled. He said he likes to talk to his patients and call them by name.

In other news I have been tweaking the Pickled Greek Cam from Home with the local help of Michael. We set this up a year ago and did some adjustment while I was down last week. Call it my Hubble Mission if you will. It is used as a security cam and a fun came. The images are saved 48 hours on the computer and I have control from here.

Phrankie showed me in a post how to set up a scanner on my iPhone. Now I have a police and fire scanner for Charlotte and I set up a scanner for the Charlotte airport all on my phone. Thanks Phrankie! I am a complete redneck now.

The chickens are laying about 10 eggs per day now.


Ken said...

It's really dark at the Pickled Greek.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

They don't open till 4 PM and happy hour begins at 4:20.

Chris said...

All you need now is a red light and siren to clear some traffic out of the way.