Puppies and Lobsters

Yesterdays dive was for fun. Cheryl my instructor picked me up early brandishing two lobster snares and two mesh bags.

We headed to Carambola Beach where she assured me that she knew that lobsters hide at 100 feet on the wall during the day. We poked and prodded and finally found the big daddy under the rock.

Has anyone ever told you how difficult it is to catch a lobster? It was like trying to snare a squirrel out of a bush. The lobster clearly had the advantage. Oh well it was fun.

I made arrangements to bring back two local puppies to be placed in the no kill shelter in Charlotte. This way they get adopted and live a better life in North Carolina.

Today I have two dives on the schedule.


Ken said...
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terri said...

Amazing! You got to chase a lobster! Too bad you didn't catch him.