No Rest for Me

Big doings tomorrow with da Bears in town but first a few updates.

I bought a lobster snare. This device theoretically allows me to hook a cable around a lobster’s tail and tighten it down to capture it for my supper. This assumes the lobster stays perfectly still and allows me to do this. So watch your step lobsters of the Atlantic and Caribbean.

I bought a pair of dive mittens. Yes they actually make such a thing and I hope they work well.

I dove Wednesday night and wore two wetsuits. It kept me warmer than usual. With cooler weather approaching the visibility in the quarry is improving dramatically especially below 60 feet. But it is cold down there so I am layering the suits for now until I go to a dry suit.

I am also trying out a new high tech hood to keep my big old head warmer.

Tomorrow we host the Chicago Bears and a good crowd will be there for tailgating. My friend Sebastian (Bash) will cook his famous flank steak. He prepares and cooks them perfectly and I can’t wait. I’ll have a hot charcoal grill waiting for his arrival at 10 AM.

Meanwhile I’ll be cooking various types of brats and plain old burgers. I bought an assortment of beers yesterday and it will be very hot again so I have plenty of water too.

So today I’ll get the truck cleaned and prepped and fire up and clean all three grills. I can’t wait to be enveloped in smoke and bullshit and laughs of tailgating.


Ken said...

Smoke, bullshit, laughs and good old steak on the grill sounds like a real good time!