Road Trip

Gigi and I are going to Knoxville for one day to pick up Brenna the Border Collie. Brenna sounds like the name of some hot girl on CBS Survivor. Brenna is a rather sophisticated name for a dog.

On the way we’ll stop in Asheville, NC and eat at one of our favorite haunts and dine on some good fried chicken and apple pie. Then we will stop by the farmers market and smell the smells and look at all the abundance.

This evening we will dine out with Mic and Bic and exchange lies and some eggs.

Tomorrow we get Brenna.

If you want to follow our progress today then just check in here.

Warning to thieves and would be ill doers…..we have a house sitter and a contractor at our home while we are gone. He has one mean dog too along with my dogs. One of them loves guns and has a wandering eye.


Rock Chef said...

One of your dogs loves guns and has a wandering eye? A true gun-dog!

Ken said...

We can have an omelet.