Clam Creek and a Turd Story

When camping at an RV facility feces containment is at a premium. Patrons are strongly encouraged to pick up after their dogs. Dog baggy dispensers are everywhere.

And so Gigi and I take turns at walking the dogs. The older dogs will relieve themselves almost on command. The newer dogs take some encouragement.

It has been a year since we have had Tanner and in all that time I have never actually seen him do a number 2. Never. Ever.

So Tanner comes to me begging to go out and I took him and Abby for a walk. Toward the end of the walk Tanner gives in and busts this mountain of dog crap in the middle of the dirt road.

I grabbed my dooky bag and notice an old man driving my way very slowly in a pickup truck. I step aside and he waves then runs over the turds smashing them flat. How could he have missed them? They were darn near snow capped.

Please enjoy the following video of me and my 3 legged girls riding down Clam Creek. I had to stop when a guy came out of the parking lot and another dude was on a tricycle blocking the road.


Rock Chef said...

Snow-capped dog turd - what an image!

The dogs certainly seem to enjoy the ride. I hope you missed the guy on the trike!

Ken said...

I found this shit story a little flat compared to some of your others, but it certainly evokes a pungent image.

Phfrankie Bondo said...

Excellent blogging, Sir!.

A good, funny dooky story.

A suspense-filled video.


What more could a guy ask for?