Country Ham

Tis the season where a man’s thoughts turn to heavy meats and stouter beers, the days are shorter, the nights are crisp, and I ponder the dosage of anti depressants.

On the menu this morning is country ham biscuits. For those out of the mainstream southern culture country ham is a ham cured with heavy amounts of salt. It is sliced thinly, cooked to a leather consistency and stuffed in a biscuit or laid along side some eggs to take its rightful place along with other breakfast meats. (Note: Chicken is not a breakfast meat)

When I was a child a family would get a whole country ham on the bone and hang it in the garage or basement and the family would carve on this ham throughout the holiday season until it ended in a ham hock for New Years day. By then we were sick of the shit and everyone was bloated from all the salt.

Now the ham comes shrink wrapped already sliced.


Chris said...

Thanks! You've just re-kindled my love of country ham.

terri said...

Please don't say "tis the season". It's much too early for that!

And I wholeheartedly agree that chicken is not a breakfast meat. Bacon is breakfast meat. Sausage is breakfast meet. Ham too. But chicken has to wait until lunch time.

Peach Pod said...

You know Gigi has gotten me totally addicted to the stuff!

And by the way, Monkey Boy loves a good chicken biscuit for breakfast!