Old dogs, New dogs and Dead dogs

My new puppy bolted out of the RV door. I dove to catch her fearing she would wonder around if I didn’t react. I tackled her and she rolled on her back and peed all over me.

Later I saw another RVer out in front of his rig and I had been meaning to catch him and ask him about this great aluminum rack he had over his truck cab. I suspected he made it because the welds were magnificent and it was all aluminum. This is specialized welding and it was a work of art.

He was an older fellow that resembled Santa Clause. He told me he didn’t hear well and he turned up his hearing aid.

He explained that indeed he had made this and said any good welder could make one.

Then Abby who was on the leash let forth with a big pooh at out feet. I whipped out a bag and scooped it up.

I looked up at the man to see if he was grossed out or disturbed by this and to my surprise he was almost in tears.

He explained that he had been on the road for 6 months and his dog of 15 years had just died. He told me to be patient with her and love her and he missed his dog very much.


Phfrankie Bondo said...

Dogs...need I say more?..

terri said...

You were peed on by one dog and had another leave a pile of poop at your feet and you've told the story without blinking an eye. Your RV neighbor didn't have to worry about you being patient. You're probably the most patient pet owner I know.

Ken said...

Pee an'a poop.