God knows I have plenty of flaws….moral, spiritual, physical, work ethics you name it I’m far from perfect.

Maybe that is why Christianity suits me so….redemption in spite of my flaws.

Sometimes I pay someone to look for my flaws like when I go for my annual physical. Gone are the days that I get a slap on the back and a comment like, “Why son, you’re as healthy as a horse!”

It is more likely that the doctor asks me if my mother and sisters are still alive and then he’ll tweak my meds. He no longer asks if I have sex and it been decades since he asked if I had extramarital affairs. Then he’ll tell me to loose some weight, exercise and lead as boring life as possible so that I can extend my life as long as possible.

And so it came to pass yesterday that I had my annual office audit. I hate these audits. I get nervous because I know everything isn’t perfect even if my intensions are good.

This year we had a new guy and he seemed extra sharp. We gave him everything he asked for, we had lunch, and then he concluded the audit.

Never has an audit been so brief. I was sure this was bad but it wasn’t. He found one little paper that wasn’t filed and that was it. In fact he said we run a tight ship and everything looked in order.

I couldn’t believe it. Damn near perfect this time.

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Ken said...

"Why son, you have a good healthy set of flaws, put your feet up and have a beer"

Unknown said...

Ah, the age old trick of giving them just a litle something to find! Brilliant! Genius!

...and yes, desreving of a beer.

Rock Chef said...

Not surprised - I have been reading long enough to know that you keep things in order.

Jay said...

Maybe someone should audit the auditor?