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To Direct TV

I got a call this morning from Direct TV to follow up on a service call. As usual a major screw up. The installer was great but he had the wrong instructions. You don't listen to your customers. Now I have been double billed and have an extra receiver that I didn't authorize and $200 lighter in the pocket with nothing to show for it but anger. It takes so much of my day and energy to call back and talk to someone that I have decided to stew a few days. Here is what I DVR for the whole house. What I got was two DVRs and one installed and you didn't send the equipment for a whole house install. Plus you charged me for two DVRs. Unfortunately this is very typical of what I get from you. I am a long time customer and am used to being treated second class but it gets very old and I grow weary. Call me if you want but have a plan to fix this. Don't say you are sorry any more, it gets old and you don't mean it. And cut out the corny "Have I answered all you questions today?"

From Direct TV

Response (Aubrey S. - 100126090) - 02/06/2011 08:11 PM
Dear Mr. wReggie,

Thanks for taking the time to write us.

I see you've been with us for many years and I would like to let you know that we appreciate your business.

I completely understand your concern for getting a correct equipment order. We strive to provide the best customer service possible and I understand what a disappointment this difficult experience must have been. Please accept my apology on behalf of DIRECTV.

I personally want to help you in getting this matter resolved and I have forwarded your information for special handling. Rest assured our team is reviewing your email to ensure that all steps were taken to guarantee a timely resolution. A specialist will respond as soon as an agent is available (likely within 24 hours).

Thanks again for writing and we appreciate your patience and understanding.


Aubrey S.
Employee ID 100126090
DIRECTV Customer Service

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terri said...

I've got to say that I understand both positions. As the customer, it's beyond frustrating when you consistently receive less than quality service. DirecTV needs some big changes to come down from the top.

And I feel for Aubrey. I've been in her position many times... being the person who has to speak on behalf of the company when the products and services don't work the way they're supposed to. I guarantee you, the words she writes you are the professional "this is what I'm supposed to say" words. What's in her mind is, "Why can't those idiot installers manage to do their job right?" My favorite response when a customer is complaining is often, "I don't disagree with you." Because quite often, the customer has a VERY valid complaint.

MELackey said...

a form letter reply. How personal.

Unknown said...

It's unfortunate when something as arbitrary as a service call has to become such a pain. I happen to work for Dish Network and I can also understand what you are saying Terri. I feel bad when something doesn't go quite as planned or there is a delay and as you said Terri, you don't disagree but you are also focused on how to resolve the problem in an empathetical fashion. I have been actually really blown away at the steps I've seen my company take to better the whole process and keep contractors on the right page. It's challenging to find the right balance yet at the same time keep all areas covered so that technicians are available. It's great when you see the concept working well and always getting better. As a consumer, having a personable, committed to resolution individual on the other end of the phone makes all the difference for me. I've seen many companies really drop the ball when it comes to customer service which in my opinion really cushions the blow after something doesn't go correctly. If I get a rep that I can tell could care less, I'm all the more irritated by the issue it's self. When I call in and feel more or less like the issue was a mistake and my company is working as hard as they can to remedy the situation, I'm more inclined to continue with that company. Anyway,

Rock Chef said...

It is things like this that often make me hold back from getting certain things.

I held off getting Broadband for a long time because of the problems that friends and neighbours had. Ours worked perfectly from day 1, though, so maybe I go lucky?

Hope you get sorted soon.