Rednecks Invade St Croix!

NORTH CAROLINA - Literally a plane load of Red Necks are set to fly non-stop from Charlotte, NC to St. Croix to share cultural diversity with the local inhabitants.

The packing, day dreaming and planning is done.

Weather next week looks awesome. Saturday through Thuesday looks hot with highs around 86. High winds will keep me diving in the west end of the island until Wednesday when the winds are set to die down and so will temperatures with highs around 82.

“I’m writhing like a worm in hot ashes”, exclaimed local Red Neck and guide wReggie.

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Rock Chef said...

I can't believe it is time already!

Have a great time - you have earned it! Or at least you have convinced me that you have :-)

terri said...

It's vacation time! YAY! Have a fantastic time - I know I don't really have to tell you that. You will.