I resolve that today, I will not get so upset over other peoples stupidity and incompetence.

Like last week with Direct TV screwing up my order and triple charging me, or yesterday when the airline managed to botch a 3 month reservation of mine and then acted like they were doing me a favor to rebook for free in the middle seat in the back of the plane. I’m glad I tried to check in early. I would have been very disappointed today.

No, I can’t help stupidity and incompetence. No need to get all worked up because I can’t control stupidity with reason.

I guess at the root of it all is money. People, companies and government will gladly fleece you now and work out the details later. Usually is is to my disadvantage. I get frustrated trying to get my money twice. Once when I earned it and again when I try and get it back for services not rendered.

Eventually I will inevitably find the one person up the food chain with basic common sense that will straighten it all out. It takes so much effort to fix stupid.

This morning I will go to the airport armed with a paper trail proving they are stupid just to recover a $25 baggage fee. The $25 does not belong to them but I will not get upset if they can’t comprehend this fact. Rather I will stand in amazement at their stupidity after I explain my position logically with supporting documents.

That $25 will be spent on wings and beer at Fort Christian Brew pub. I will get my $25 back, maybe not today.

I need a vacation.

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Ken said...

...and they won't even care that they are stupid.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Nope. They just want me to go away.

terri said...

Stupidity is a game they play in the hopes that most people won't bother to go to all the effort to point it out and make things right. You're right. It does boil down to money.