A Week of Diving

I just finished a week of diving in St Croix, VI. The water was warm at 79.5. I didn’t wear a wet suit at any time. The skies were sunny the entire week and air temperatures during the day hovered around 84. Visibility was good on all dive sites.

In total I had 12 dives, which consisted of two pier dives, four boat dives, and six shore dives. I dived the F’sted Pier, Butler Bay, Sugar Beach, Salt River, Scotch Bank, Eagle Ray, Cane Bay and Carambola. I had one night dive under a full moon.

IT was a great combination of deep wall dives, shallow pier dives, and long reef dives.

We speared 4 lion fish and marked two others. At Sugar Beach I swam up on a 10 foot Nurse Shark resting on the bottom.

I made my first attempts at underwater video. My setup is a Flip HD recorder with a two hour recording limit. The camera is housed in an Ikelite case made especially for this camera.

I had difficulty operating the camera at depth. It wouldn’t respond well except for on/off at 60 plus feet so I began just turning the camera on and leaving it on. Once I heard the case pop at 80 feet. It never leaked.

The camera responds okay on shore and at shallow depths so I am wondering if this could be an Ikelite engineering problem.

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Ken said...

I heard Neptune gargling I think, at the 7 minute mark.