The Week is Moving Along

Dive 40 last night and you guessed it, a nearly full moon, bright stars and calm seas. I am blessed. What fun to pop up a few hundred yards off shore in warm waters, darkness with all the natural light above and talk with other divers as we slowly swim back to shore.

So far I have done 8 dives on this trip, got a buddy certified, ate fantastic food, not overdone any adult beverages, seen several great bands, many old friends and my body is achy and sore in a good way.

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Nicole Gariepy said...

Would love to see you while you are here! I work a lot, between Nelthropp & Low downtown and the Galleon a few nights a week. Where are you staying?

Unknown said...

What about your achy-breaky heart?

terri said...

So glad to hear that your vacation has been everything you hoped and planned it would be. Hope the rest of the week is just as perfect.