I Need One More Thing

Make no bones about it; I am a gadget and bling freak. Look at my Jeep or Diving Vest and you’ll see stuff that is absolutely not necessary but it expresses who I am.

So last week while on the island I noticed all the dive masters carrying and using spear guns. The purpose is to kill as many Lion fish as possible in hopes of controlling their numbers. Lion fish are very unwelcome invaders from the Pacific Ocean. They have spread throughout the Caribbean and Atlantic waters and wreak havoc on small fish that live about around reefs. Most folks believe they came into our waters from the bilge in large cargo ships.

These spear guns were rather elaborate contraptions consisting of springs and rubber bands that basically hurl a 3 prong projectile through the flesh of a Lion fish. The guns are expensive too.

What I noticed while diving is the Lion fish stands out like a sore thumb. It is territorial and holds its position.

To kill a Lion fish one must see it and move in almost at point blank and shoot it. This is not that difficult as long as you have a projectile with enough velocity to penetrate the body.

Then you cut the fish in two, scrape it off and look for another victim.

Care must be taken because these fish are very venomous and can cause painful and sometime fatal stings if one is allergic to the venom.

Now I have a mission for my next ocean dive whether the Carolinas, Georgia or the Caribbean….help eradicate the Lion fish.

I’ll be looking at buying a simple pole spear, one that is collapsible and portable.

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terri said...

Too bad it's a nuisance fish because it's really a fascinating looking fish.

Ken said...

They're GOOD eating, if you take care on how you handle them. Saw a great video a ways back on "So It Goes" blog.

Ken said...

Found it...