What I Learned this Week

The Democratic National Convention is coming to my town in 2012.

Egypt falls after two weeks of bitching in the streets.

If we can get the DNC convention and weather is not an issue IE Jet and Giants hosting an upcoming Super Bowl, then Charlotte should go after hosting a Super Bowl.

I kind of like the idea of riding a camel through town with a big whip striking out at those you oppose.

I would really hate to die by a Chimpanzee eating my face off while alive.

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Rock Chef said...

Can you get a camel for when the Demcrats come to town?

I don't want to know what made you think about the chimp...

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Rock Chef....exactly the thought I had...me riding through town on a camel whipping democrats.

The chimp thing came up during the week in a discussion.