Graveyard of the Atlantic

I’m off to the Graveyard of the Atlantic, known for numerous shipwrecks and treacherous waters.

My enemies will be current, sea sickness, sharks (fear factor) and depth.

This will be my first dives where I experience strong current. I’ve dealt with current before, but it was like nothing like I am about to experience.

I get sea sick, and cannot take the drug to prevent it, because I have controlled epilepsy. This time I am wearing sea bands to see if I can keep my groceries down.

Theses dive sites are loaded with Sand Tiger sharks. They don’t usually bother divers, but being in a swarm of sharks will be a first for me. I have been with an occational reef shark at a comfortable distance.

All of these dives are deep. This will keep my dive time brief. I will breathe mixed gasses continuously to keep nitrogen down.

Stay tuned….I will have my camera above and below. This will be a rush. 

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Rock Chef said...

Have fun - and good luck with the sickness bands!

Ken said...

Have a blast. At least your telling us where you are, not like some OTHER people.

Unknown said...

Grocery tossing could be a sport in the forthcoming Olympics.

terri said...

Can't wait to see evidence of this adventure!