Skybox Updates

This past weekend I set out to do a bit of wood working to try and make my badly needed corner shelf. This space was kind of wasted, and the refrigerator was located next to the wall on the other side of the room.

I stained the lumber, and carefully tried to replicate the corner shelf that holds the receiver and surround sound that is located in the same corner but in the rafters. I just needed this shelf to be bigger.

As it turns out, this is exactly what I wanted. I have claimed the entire corner with entertainment from the TV, surround sound, sub woofer, heater and beverages. I even have room to put my mini keg and some wings and such when the time comes.

Also, I have gotten a decent price on an outdoor fireplace like this one. I’ll need to have it modified a bit to suit my needs but I think this would work. Of course there will need to be some power outlets for TV and rotisserie cooking. 

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Ken said...

Hand him a skewer for the spin machine......and say.... build me something around this.

Peach Pod said...

How about concrete topped brick side counters ... Becomes an outdoor kitchen or buffet station or place to display you pumpkins in fall!

terri said...

When's the restroom going to be installed?

Peach Pod said...

Terri, Reggie just walks over and pees in the woods! Lol!