Hot Dogs in the Wild

This is a covey of wild hot dogs I saw in the Arizona desert. 

I’ve been told to eliminate the gamey taste of wild caught hotdogs, simply brine in seasoned water,immediately after butchering. Works every time.

A clean kill also helps, along with efficient removal of the scent glands.

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Dice Mardell said...


conveniently placed on the end of a stick for ease in the preparation of your next cook-out or campfire in the wilds of AZ

Unknown said...

A handsome covey.

I see two cocks and thirteen hens.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

You shouldn't say cocks.

Unknown said...

I see two bucks and thirteen does.

The bucks are young, as they still have velvet on their antlers.

Rock Chef said...

I think that we should start a campaign against the inhumane, high-intensity, indoor raising of hot dogs, often grown packed together in the cans they will be sold in. Especially those who are harvested young as cocktail sausages. A terrible trade that should not be allowed in supposedly civilized countries.

Unknown said...

Yeah, what Rock Chef said!