It turns out that I am with an intense bunch of divers. These guys live and breathe extreme diving....stuff like caves, rebreathers, any wreck in most any condition.

Yesterday ended when we couldn't anchor to a wreck after 10 attempts because the waves were 6 footers and the wind was 20 knots. As soon as we would snag the wreck, the anchor would bust loose from the tension.

Once, we anchored for a moment, and one diver went in to secure the line down under. As soon as he reached the anchor it broke loose pulling up a hunk of rusty steel.

In a few moments he surfaced and we circled around and found him. He was a little freaked out.

My one dive of the day involved me clutching to a series of lines so that I wouldn't drift away. The anchor line was incredibly tense and vibrated under the tension.

Soon I was down about 100 feet on the wreck. I hitched a ride with a buddy on a scooter and toured the entire wreck. Sharks would pass by and glance my way. One huge shark hovered over the site. The shark was fat as an oil drum.

Before I knew it my computer was tell me I needed to surface or I would go into deco. I signaled to the others that I was headed back to the surface.

I did a deep decompression stop at 50 feet and again at 15.

On the surface the boat was pitching and rolling 4 feet. The mate insisted I come out in full gear. Man that was strenuous crawling up that latter in those conditions. The dive was about 30 minutes.

Location:Nc 12 Hwy,Hatteras,United States


Rock Chef said...

Wow, you have come a long way from the training dives in the quarry!

Ken said...

Wow! Wow! wReggie's having fuuun!!!!

terri said...

Was that fun? Sounds a little scary to me!

Unknown said...

Spell ladder better, m'kay? Just for me?