A Picture

Here is but a small section of the center table in our kitchen. We use this table to prep meals.  So what does this say about us?

Gigi loves sweets, and Sweet 16s are one of her favorites. She needs to finish these by August 24.

I love veggies and fruit. I didn’t always like veggies and fruit but I do now.

We are at the Free Stone cycle of peaches. Free Stones are a different variety of peach that ripens late in the season. The big pit is easy to remove hence the name. This big fella needs another day or so to ripen.

Tomatoes are perfect now. This guy will disappear this morning with breakfast. I do tomatoes with breakfast but Gigi has rules against tomatoes for breakfast.

Then there are the dog’s pills and a plunger. Cedie has epilepsy and requires two different medications twice daily. 

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Rock Chef said...

A good mix there! I love a good tomato but it is so easy to be disappointed - it is hard to find good ones over here these days, I usually end up buying ones that have been shipped from Italy!

Ken said...

I like to eat them the same way, one with a little salt one without in a sloppy face stuffing feast over the kitchen sink.

Unknown said...

You didn't talk about the black pepper.

terri said...

I don't think I could do tomatoes for breakfast either. Maybe diced in an omelet. We're still waiting for our tomatoes to turn red!