Good News

My place of employment (sort of, but it is complicated) called me and asked, "wReggie, do you recall getting a big ass check last year around February?"

I sad, "No."

"Well good, because you never cashed it. We will send another."

I asked, "Did I already pay the taxes on it?"

And they relied, "Yes."

The check came today. A good day I tells ya.

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Ken said...

That's better than finding $150 cash in my old first aid kit from CAPRIFOL years ago and a $100 bill in an old jacket one time.
I got a big ass check today too, but it was just a few weeks work paycheck.

terri said...

It's always nice to find money you never knew you had.

Unknown said...

Your monthly dues in the P.Bondo Frienship Club are past due.